Start filming your own hunts.

Hi-Tek Sports has developed the most versatile camera mount for your bow on the market.  I mounted one onto my High Country last year and absolutely loved it.  I even mounted it onto one of my crossbows to test out.  It worked awesome!  I can’t believe everyone who films their own hunts doesn’t already have one of these!

It was designed designed for use with small HD video cameras like the GoPro. Attaches to the stabilizer mount, on the riser using the quiver hole or on your sight. Mounting plate is all steel, with a machined aluminum base plate. Fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of cameras. Camera mounts to plate via the 1/4-20 tripod hole.

Regardless if you shoot right or left handed, this mount will satisfy your needs. 

I’ve seen other mounts on the market, but none are as rock solid as this mount.  Pick up a Hi-Tek bow camera mount.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Staying scent free is important no matter where you are hunting.  Slay offers a system that works great for your body, your clothing and gear and while you are in the field.  Do you think it’s more important to play the wind using no odor protection OR use a scent eliminating system as well as being mindful of the wind?  What works best for you?

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Crossbows for plains game hunting

Crossbows offer clients the ability to hunt archery only areas even if they only brought a rifle along with them.  This wildebeest was shot by a client who came over to rifle hunt.  Beautiful trophy that would have never been seen by the client had we not offered him a crossbow.

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Leopard Hunting

Limpopo leopard hunt offered for 2013.  7 day safari includes daily rate, trophy fee, CITIES permit, PH, trackers and staff for $9,500.00 US.  Excludes pre baiting.  Trophy fee returned to client if no leopard is shot.  Pre baiting helps ensure there is an active cat in the area prior to the client’s arrival.  Do you prefer to shoot your own bait or would you rather your PH pre bait and locate the cat before you arrive in camp.  That’s an interesting discussion.

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Jumbo in South Africa

South African elephant safaris offer opportunities for the same great experience of elephant hunting with out the hassles of charter flights and additional import taxes.  Exporting out of South Africa is painless and easier than most African nations.

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